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Know your Objectives Well. Success in Test Automation Strategy is based on it.

Research shows that 64% of Test Automation fails, because they are not able to meet the expectations in terms of business results.

Time Driven Objectives?

Delivery Schedules are subject to market pressure. Late products can lose revenue, customers, and market share.

Economic Objectives?

Companies face a continuous demand on resource and testing budgets to reduce time to market as well as cut production costs.

Performance Driven Objectives?

While it might be costly to be late to the market, it can be catastrophic to deliver a defective product.

There is no Silver Bullet for Test Automation!

Misaligned Expectations

It is perceived that automation is a silver bullet that will start delivering results on its day-one of deploying.

In reality, building robust test automation is yet another software development life cycle and requires thorough planning, designing and a well thought approach.

An Afterthought

Most Organizations think about Automated Testing at a much later stage in the overall project lifecycle.

Because of sheer pressure of timely releases and overall efforts involved in bringing in overall automation efforts it is an afterthought. Automated Testing drags a lot and tends to become an overhead. Plan Wisely. Invest early in Automation to succeed.

Perceptions and Myths

Automation will serve all the testing needs for an application and Automation succeeds where manual has failed.

Success or failure of any test project Manual or Automated ultimately depends on testing what is most likely to deliver the highest-quality software to the user.

Focus on Delivering Business Objectives

Test Automation Needs a Product Development Approach and Strategy.

Automation Strategy should focus on accelerating Go-To-Market Readiness.

Any successful automation strategy requires experienced, skilled and specialized Automation Consultants.

Automated testing is all about defining success criteria, building Strategy and implementing best practices and less about Tools and Technology.

Automation has to be at the heart of overall Testing Life cycle. Test Automation is not a choice anymore; How you do is!

Test Automation pays true Return On Investment, if invested early in the life cycle. Automate Wisely, invest early!

Contact us for a free consultation on Test Automation Strategy and automation readiness assessment for your organization.

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